Employment Information

Applications process and requirements for Part-time Firefighter

Copies of the following along with a complete application including your signature are required for your application to be processed:

  1.   Ohio Drivers License and Auto insurance.         
  2.   Department of Public Safety Certificate: EMT, or Paramedic ( ACLS card)
  3.   State of Ohio, Department of Public Safety Certificate: Firefighter Level II (240 Firefighting Class)
  4.   Current CPR Card
  5.   Haz-Mat Awareness:        Certificate of Course Completion
  6.   Haz-Mat Operations:        Certificate of Course Completion
  7.   Certificate of Completion of Firefighters Physical Agility Testing from Cuyahoga Community College
  8.   Contact Cuyahoga Community College at (216) 987-5063 for dates, times, and cost
  9.   Certification time MUST be four and  ½ minutes (4.5) or less

The minimum emergency medical certification for consideration for employment is basic EMT. All certifications’ that were current at the time of employment will be maintained while employed with the Painesville Township Fire Department. The department may provide financial assistance to Part-time employees in pursuing Paramedic certification. This funding is subject to the availability of grant monies and other financial limitations. Any employee wanting assistance will be required to sign an agreement of employment.

 Steps in Hiring Process

  1. Application submitted along with ALL other required information
  2.  A thorough check of references, past and present employers
  3. If and employment offer is extended, it will be conditional pending the successful completion of the following:
  4. Interviews with Fire Department officers
  5.  Employment will be confirmed by the Board of Township Trustee’s
  6. All part-time employees will be subject to a one year probationary period that may be extended at the request of the Fire Chief.
Click link below for Painesville Twp Fire Application:
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