Stray and Feral Cats

Collaborative Trap, Neuter, and Return Program

Due to rising concern in our community in regards to stray and feral cat populations, the Painesville Township Trustees have teamed up with a local non-profit organization, Community Cat Companions, and together have created a program for Painesville Township residents.

For the 2020 year, feral cat colony caregivers and concerned residents may apply for assistance for the sterilization of feral and stray cat populations within their neighborhoods. For every sterilization and vaccination sponsored by the applicant or donor, Painesville Township will match that sponsorship. Program is strictly situation based, there are no income requirements for qualification.

Donations will also be accepted. Donation money would assist residents who may observe a concern but are unable to give financially themselves. If you would like to make a donation to this program, please click on the following link.

Donation Link

Collaborative TNR Program Application

What is TNR and how will it benefit our community?

TNR is trap, neuter, release/return. Through this program stray and feral cats are humanely trapped, sterilized and vaccinated, ears are tipped, and the cat is released back into it’s colony. As more of the strays and ferals within a colony are steralized it naturally dwindles down the colony’s population. For more information on Community Cat Companions, TNR, and stray/feral cat colonies please follow this link to the Community Cat Companions website

Interested in becoming a volunteer for the Community Cat Companions?

Click here to visit the Community Cat Companion website to find out more information and to sign up.

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