The purpose of zoning in any community is protection of the public health, safety, comfort and general welfare of citizens. Zoning is intended to preserve and enrich the character of the area by allowing certain types of development in specific areas. The Painesville Township Zoning Resolution was enacted in 1954 in accordance with a comprehensive plan and state laws to provide this protection.

Generally, there are five types of zoning districts.

Commercial zones allow office buildings as well as many types of retail stores.

Manufacturing, assembly, large factories and warehouses are found in industrial districts.

Several residential classifications allow for single family houses, duplexes and condominiums and/or apartment complexes.

A Planned Unit Development allows, after approval of the Township Trustees, a combination of residential and other uses that blend into a complementary balance.

There are also special use districts such as recreational, community service and Manufactured Home Parks.

The essence of zoning is the regulation of how and for what purposes certain and specific properties are used. Height, setback, and buffering requirements are typically found in zoning codes to ensure that controls and conditions are in place to assure harmony within and between all zoning districts. Specific uses and use categories are defined in most zoning codes as either being permitted, conditionally permitted, or prohibited in specific zoning districts. The Painesville Township Zoning Resolution contains many of the typical and common elements found in zoning codes throughout Ohio, and yet retains its own unique identity as it has been crafted by the Painesville Township Zoning Commission, and subsequently approved by the Painesville Township Board of Trustees. Since our society and local community are somewhat fluid over time with new needs and dynamics emerging, the zoning code is amended accordingly. It is the responsibility of the Zoning Inspector to communicate and enforce the provisions of the Painesville Township Zoning Resolution and to issue or deny zoning permits based upon conformance to the zoning code. Ohio Revised Code allows appeals from determinations made by the Zoning Inspector. Those cases, usually classified as variance requests, and also requests for Conditional Use Permits are referred to the Board of Zoning Appeals.

Zoning Resolution

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